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Dr. Ken Lang is a former law enforcement officer with 25 years of service, where he spent 15 years investigating violent crimes, and 13 years as a police sketch artist.


During his police career, he sought a higher education and obtained his doctorate in 2019. His wealth of experience and education create an analytical perspective in the areas of police practices and procedures, criminal investigations, and forensic art.

Police Cars

Police Practices & Procedures

Policing in a complex process. Dr. Lang's 25-year of law enforcement experience coupled with his ability to analyze and assess police practices, procedures, regulations, and assessment help to bring about a robust picture of the processes exercised in a criminal case. 

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Criminal Investigations

Of his 25 years in law enforcement, 15 years were dedicated to investigating violent crimes. Dr. Lang brings this training, knowledge, and experience to any given investigation with insightful information about the processes and omissions in the criminal investigation process.

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Forensic Art

As a skilled and experienced forensic artist having completed over 100 composites, Dr. Lang conducts research based on data he maintained from actual criminal cases where police composites and sketches were used in the investigation. 


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