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"Ken Lang is the real deal, a cop with chops!"

New York Times Best Selling Author

Julia Spencer Fleming

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Standing In Death's Shadow book cover
Death Comes Uninvited book cover
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Non-peer Reviewed

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(The Death Investigators Magazine ceased all publications as of 11/26/2019).



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True Crime Books

Lang, K. (2011).  Walking among the dead: True stories from a homicide detective.  North East, MD: self-published.


Lang, K. (2012).  Standing in death’s shadow: More true crimes from a homicide detective.  North East, MD: self-published.


Lang, K. (2012).  Death comes uninvited: True homicide cases from the detective who worked them.  North East, MD: self-published.


Lang, K. (2021).  A life of crime: Reflections of crime, policing, and a broken justice system.  Glenville, WV: self-published.

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