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Dr. Ken Lang

An accomplished and decorated law enforcement professional turned scholar, Dr. Ken Lang offers expert analysis in various aspects of criminal justice. With 25 years of law enforcement experience, 15 years in violent crime investigation, and 13 years as a forensic artist, Dr. Lang is well-equipped as a field expert. He now educates undergraduate and graduate students and frequently appears as a commentator on the Law & Crime Trial Network. His research and expertise focus on criminal investigations, police sketches, and restorative justice processes. To learn more about Dr. Lang's experience and expertise, download his current CV.



Walden University


Columbia Southern University


Columbia Southern University

Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice

In March 2019 I completed my Ph.D. at Walden University. Having a deep interest in restorative justice and its concepts, my dissertation is Valuation of Ex-offender Motivations for Participating in Restorative Justice Praxis

Masters of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

From 2010 to 2013 I continued my studies with CSU, pursuing my MS, Criminal Justice Administration as I have an interest in leadership and its concepts. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA. 

Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

While working as a detective I was often asked to teach investigative courses at the police academy. Developing a love for teaching I pursued my BS with CSU, graduating in 2010 with honors; magna cum laude. 


Glenville State University


University of Valley Forge


Baltimore County Police Department



Southern New Hampshire University


Milligan University


Havre de Grace Police Department

Associate Professor, Criminology/Criminal Justice

Developing and enhancing the new criminology/criminal justice program, infusing concepts of the Christian faith and restorative justice concepts. 

Adjunct Instructor, Graduate Program

Facilitates online instructor for a variety of graduate courses including CJ 550 Assessing Organizational Performance, CJ 560 Courts and Judicial Process, CJ 650 Public Safety Administration, and CJ 675 Data-Driven Decisions in Criminal Justice.  

Associate Tenured Professor, Department Chair

Further developed the criminal justice field forensics program, serves as department chair, completes and administrative duties. Researches police sketch and restorative justice processes.   

Assistant Professor, Department Chair, Director

Designed and implemented a criminal justice curriculum at the university, working as the director of the program. Became the department chair in the second year and directed the building of online social science programs. 

Police Officer First-Class, Detective

Transitioned to the Baltimore County Police and served in the patrol division, Investigative Services Unit, and Criminal Investigation Division.  Investigated violent crimes for 15 years and worked as a forensic artist for 13 years in an ad hoc capacity. 

Police Officer

Initiated his law enforcement career as a patrol officer following graduation from the Anne Arundel County Police Training Academy.  


(423) 268-4527

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