In November 2017, Ken Lang was on set with Juniper Entertainment, a production company for The Discovery Channel, working on a production for a new show. The episode was produced and was featured on the ID Channel's new show Murder Decoded on Saturday, April 27th at 10 p.m.

In December 2005, Ken was assigned as the lead investigator for a murder on the side of I-83 in Baltimore County, MD. The investigation would last for months, but would yield forensic evidence in every genre at the time of the investigation. In February of 2008, as the case was going to trial, producers from FORENSIC FILES consulted me about the facts of the case and the investigative techniques and forensics utilized to solve the crime. The victim, Wesley Person, was found burned beyond recognition on the side of the highway, and through forensics I was able to give investigation the traction it needed and solved his murder. 

In 2013, the Valley Forge Christian College--now the University of Valley Forge--contracted with me for the purpose of developing a Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice Program in their existing Department of Behavioral Sciences. An in-depth proposal was completed, defining the courses and learning outcomes that would complete the curriculum. The UVF criminal justice program includes a unique component surrounding the emerging concepts of restorative justice. 


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